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4 Tips to Get Unstuck with Your Crochet Project

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There is nothing worse than starting a new project and hitting a wall before you can finish it.

Could be due to a difficult stitch, pattern, or just trying to make 2 of the same thing and having them match.

I often chuckle at how many projects I have locked behind a cabinet that is unfinished in in the bag of doomed projects. My archenemy is socks…and now dog sweaters.

For today, we are going to get 4 tips we can put into place right NOW to get unstuck!

Four tips that you can use today to get unstuck with any crochet project. This includes watching a tutorial video on YouTube, asking the pattern creator questions, asking for help on a crochet board/facebook group, or simply taking a break from the project.

get unstuck with your crochet project

Tip #1: Watch a YouTube Video

You find that new pattern and the excited to get it started is on high alert…and then you read the first stitch.

And you start to ask “what the heck is this”?

Head over to YouTube! This is my go-to for any new stitch that I am not familiar with or need a dusting off of how to do it.

Click on the search box and type in the stitch you are looking for. There will be several options to pick from and I usually end up watching a few.

I have found a few crochet YouTube channels that do a great job of both showing how to do the stitch and verbally walking me through it.

Some of my favorite channels are:

Tip #2: Ask the Pattern Creator Questions

crochet projects

If there is one thing that is almost a 100% absolute, it is that crochet people like to talk about crochet. And these especially goes for those that are creating patterns.

First steps, take a look at your pattern. The creator of the pattern will either have their email or social media links to reach them. Many have Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube channels that can be used to ask questions.

With many patterns, they are written as a blog post. If you scroll to the very bottom, there is a section to enter in a comment or question. This is sent directly to the creator who can review and respond back to you.

Tip #3: Ask for Help in a Crochet Community

facebook crochet communities

Head to a crochet community! There are so many on Facebook that are fantastic resources to ask questions. Like any question!

I always say that if you have a question there is a good chance that someone else is thinking the exact same thing.

Some of my favorite Facebook community groups are:

  • Therapy in Knots:
  • Crochet M@ssy Buns & Beanies:
  • The Crochet Addiction:
  • Crochet Addict:
  • Crochetpreneurs:

Tip #4: Take a Break

Give yourself permission to take a break or even unravel that project. Not every project is going to have an end point….and that is ok.

Wrapping This One Up!

Is there a question about a pattern that is going unanswered? Or a need for a tutorial that is not easy to find?

Tell me below and I will get us a resource STAT!

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