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How to Sell a Crochet Hat

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Are you a crocheter with tons of projects stacking up at your house?  Or do you find that you are giving everything away for free? 

The gift season is upon us and this is the perfect time for a crafter to earn a little cash with our crocheted projects especially with our hats!

For many of us, the process of creating something is both fun and rewarding.  It is a way to provide us with a creative outlet and a total stress reliever!  It is time to take your hobby and turn it into a side hustle of a handmade business.

selling crochet

When making the decision to sell crochet items (especially hats), there are a few things to consider before starting that include what to make, where to sell, and setting the price for the crocheted item.  Crocheted hats are a very popular handmade item to gift at any season!

selling crochet

For this post, we are going to focus on selling crocheted hats, but the basics of selling an item are the same for any project.  The variety of projects available to us in crocheting is limitless! 

Projects can be grouped into age groups (i.e. babies and kids, teenagers, adults) to wearables (i.e. hats, headbands, scarves, gloves, clothing) to even items for the house (i.e. pillows, blankets, kitchen accessories).  There truly is no end to the different types of projects you can do and sell!

The biggest piece here is to find something that you enjoy making. 

For me, I am stuck on quick projects, especially with chunky yarn.  I have the patience and attention span of a bug and the thought of making a giant afghan makes me break out in hives.  So…I keep this in mind with the projects I decide to dive into.  You will find hats, headbands, and scarves as my primary handmade items.  Every once in a while, an odd-ball project will start (can we say cat couch) and that works too!

Should you do Ready-Made or Custom Orders?

Pros and cons for both.

 If you are on a limited schedule for making items, I would recommend making an inventory of “ready-made” projects. 

With ready-made items, you get to control what is made, the colors, sizing, and when it becomes available for sale.  The biggest pro is that you can make the items when you have time and get to pick if you want to do 1 or 40 of the exact same things.  If you get bored, there is complete freedom to change to another pattern. 

The con with ready made projects is the upfront cost.  Since there is not a seller up front, all of the costs are on the creator from the beginning.

For custom orders, you get to have the buyer right out the gate.  The sell is already complete.  Your customer will select the product with regards to the size/color and then you will make it. 

One big pro with this is having a deposit for material up front AND not having to keep stocked inventory of finished items.  The biggest con is having a product on-demand and a time commitment to make it. 

Where can I sell crochet hats?

This is the easiest of the questions in this post as there are so many options.  Let’s go from fast to “this might take a little longer to set up” methods.

Friends and Family

When starting out, friends and family will be your biggest customers.  Between my mom and my daughter, I think they have 408 of my crafts! 

Start making a few items and wear them.  Post on your social media pages and say “check out my cute hat…ask me how to get yours”. 

selling crochet


Facebook is a great place to start selling your crocheted items and it is FREE!  Start with your personal page!

Ready to expand?  Facebook has options for a business page or a group page where you can market specifically to crocheting projects.

Facebook even has a marketplace!  This is a great place to post a free ad for your item.


esty logo

Etsy is a giant marketplace for handmade items.  This is both a good and bad thing. 

Etsy gets a crazy amount of people coming to their site to look specifically at handmade items and may even be searching for a crochet hat.  The key with Etsy is finding a way to stand out.  There are A LOT of Etsy stores that sell crochet items. 

Is there something unique to your items or brand that could be used to set you apart? 

Etsy does have fees but they are very small.  To place an ad (or listing) of your item, it will cost you 20 cents.  When you sell it, they take a 3.5% commission.

If I list a crochet hat for $20 and it sells, Etsy will take right under a dollar in fees.

Craft Fairs

I love a good craft fair!  This is a great spot if you have a stockpile in inventory of items.  It can be a bit seasonal with crocheted items, especially hats, as this is more popular in the colder seasons.

Sell in a Shop

selling crochet

One other spot to check out is consignment or boutique shops.  Many are looking for local business (and yes…you are totally a business) items that they can sell in their shops.  Just make sure to not undercut yourself with pricing. 

How much do you charge for a crocheted item?

selling crochet

This is sometimes the hardest piece of the puzzle when selling handmade items.  There are several “methods” that creators use to price items from very complex and complicated formulas to “this is how much I paid in material”.

One easy method (and one that I use) is to set a price that is three times the cost of the materials.  This is the total price for the materials and does not include the coupon or if the yarn was on sale.  With my current messy bun hat, I am able to make this hat with 1 skein of yarn that runs me $7.00 and I will charge a flat rate of $20. 

Don’t forget about shipping!  Your customers understand that shipping will be added.  For shipment within the U.S., I have found that I can average the shipping rate to $7.00.  Some will be more and some will be less but this is a good average for shipping in the U.S.

If you receive a custom order, you may want to evaluate getting a deposit or payment up front.  Any project is an investment for you with material and yarn can get expensive fast. 

Unfortunately, you will have those that ask you to make a project and then ghost you. Unless you completely trust the person (like they are your BFF), take some payment up front for your supplies.  If they back out…you are still in the good with cost of the material. 

Will someone really pay for this?

There are so many times that I question why someone would purchase a hat from me for $20 when they can go on online and get a hat on the cheap.  Here is the thing…handmade items are not the same as mass-produced items.  With handmade items, each item is almost a “one of a kind” type item!

PLUS…you have a skill that your buyer does not have.  The cost is including your creativity!

Tip: Stay consistent with your pricing.  This will help your customers be repeat customers. 

How can you get the biggest bang in marketing?

Wear your stuff!!!  Take pictures for your main social media pages wearing your items and tag it!  Friend, family, and social media buddies will ask “Girl…where did you get that hat?”  The best part…you say me and let me make you one.

Wrapping this one up!

Last tip and this one came from Crochetpreneur.  She says to “title your listings using language the customer would search for”.  So instead of saying crocheted hat…say chunky textured scarf or warm winter hat. 

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