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How to Make a Faux Fur Pom Pom

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Shoooweeee….I think the furry toppers have taking over social media!  They are cute and add just the right amount of pizzazz!

Want to take your crochet hats to the next level? YES!

Adding a faux fur pom topper to your project will not only help it stand out, but it adds that flair that is just perfect for any crochet hat.  Transform any hat into a masterpiece!

Let’s make one!

Using Faux Fur material and thread, anyone can create a faux fur pom pom (or furry topper) for your next craft project.  This includes just a small amount of material, thread, filler, needle, and a space to transform the material into a small ball of furry fluff that can be attached to any craft project especially a crocheted hat.

What is a Faux Fur Pom Pom?

faux fur pom pom

Hairy toppers, or faux fur pom poms are a current trend for many crochet and knitting projects and can be used to add some “spice level” to help make any project stand out.

Although the word “fur” can be misleading, this are most commonly made from faux fur with no animal products being used.  They are super soft to touch and filled with a polyester fill. 

Size?  Oh girl, these come in all sizes from super small to giant balls of fur. 

How do you make a pom pom with faux fur?

faux fur pom pom

Making  faux fur pom poms is a super easy and quick project.  If you decide to make your own, I would highly recommend making them in bulk vs. one at a time. 

The biggest cons to making your own is storing the material and the mess that will be made. But…YOU get full control over the size of the topper!

Tip: Be prepared to make a mess.  Get that vacuum ready!

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

Supplies for faux fur pom poms

For almost everything here, you can get from a local craft store or Amazon.

SupplyLink for more info
Faux Fur MaterialAmazon Link
Scissors (need a good pair)Amazon Link
ThreadAmazon Link
Needle – UpholsteryAmazon Link
Polyfil StuffingAmazon Link
Cup or Bowlanything from your kitchen shelves or dollar store
Sharpiefrom the junk drawer (mama I know you have one)
Small Ponytail HoldersSame as the sharpie
supplies for faux fur pom poms

Tip: For the faux fur fabric, head to your local craft store.

  I put an Amazon link above to see a good description but do recommend going to a local craft store and putting your hands on the fabric. 

I found mine at Hobby Lobby and specifically was looking for a piece with “longer hairs” (but any type will work).    As a small amount of fabric is needed for each pom pom, start with getting ¼ yard of fabric.  You will be able to make multiple pom poms using just this small piece. 

The piece that I found at Hobby Lobby was $19.99 for 1 yard.  With a 40% off coupon and ¼ yard, I was able to get my fabric for ~$3.00.  Total steal!

Step 2: Cut the circle

Go find a cup or bowl from your kitchen to use a stencil and a sharpie.

Turn the fabric so the furry part is facing away from you and out flat so parts are not overlapping each other. 

Place your cup or bowl upside down and use your sharpie to trace the outline. 

Tip: the bigger the circle…the bigger the pom pom.

Cut out the circle using the upholstery scissors.

Tip:  Brush the fur part straight down before cutting.  This will help with not cutting the fur pieces that extend past the circle part.

One other option is to use a Exacto knife but be careful with the surface you are using to cut with.

faux fur pom pom – pic from heart hook home

Step 3: Start Sewing!

It’s time to start sewing!  Grab your thread, upholstery needle, and small ponytail holder.

It really does not matter the color of your thread as it will be closed up in the pom pom when you sew everything up.  Find a color that is easy on your eyes.

Cut a 12inch piece of your thread and add it to your upholstery thread.  Take the end of the thread and tie tightly to your ponytail holder.  The ponytail holder is used to apply the pom pom to our projects.

Insert the needle into the non-furry side and continue to weave all around the circle. 

Tip: This does not need to be perfect or pretty as it will NOT be seen.  Work the needle around the circle to allow for all edges to be drawn together.

Gently pull the thread to cinch up the material and a ball will start to form.

Step 4: Stuff It

Start the stuffing process!  Grab your Poly Filler or even scraps of yarn and stuff into the center of the ball.

faux fur pom pom

Pull the thread all the way up to close the ball. Using the needle, place a few stitches to secure the ball closed.  The ponytail holder will be on the outside and can be used to attached the pom pom to your project OR keep the remaining thread to secure.

faux fur pom pom

Wrapping this one up!

Check out this easy & quick hat pattern that is perfect for your 1st faux fur pompom! Click HERE to get the free pattern.

Crochet Hat with faux fur pompom

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