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How to Find Free Crochet Patterns

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how to find free crochet patterns

When looking for a “cheaper” hobby, crocheting is going to make it to the top of the list.  While you can spend some serious money on supplies (can we say gorgeous yarn), in the beginning you only need a few basic items that you can gather for under $10. 

Check out this post HERE for supplies recommended for the beginner crocheter.

But once you have your supplies…what’s next?

This one of the best parts of crocheting is looking for your next project.   There are so many talented designers that any crocheter could stay busy for years. Can you find patterns for free?  Absolutely!  Let’s dive into the best places to not only find them but also organize them

Crochet patterns can be found for free with a simple google search by just using the words “free crochet patterns”.  With this search, a huge amount of options will show for all levels of crocheting and also for any time of project you can imagine.  There are also two great tools to organize the free patterns that you want to save for future use.  Keep reading for more info.

Where can I find free crochet patterns?

Head to over to Google and type the words “Free Crochet Patterns”.

Did you just say “oh good gracious…where do I start?”

There are so many options for free crochet patterns that it can almost be overwhelming on where to even start!

Stick with me as we break this down into bite size pieces and also a few methods to organize your finds.

Step 1: Decide on what you want to make.

The more that you can drill down what type of project you want to start…the more you will narrow the search down to patterns that really work for you.

For me, I am totally stuck on projects that are quick, easy, and usually under an hour.  I want something that I don’t really have to pay close attention to the counts or have a complicated stitch.

For this reason, I have gravitated to hats, headbands, scarves, and cowls. 

I have been known to make a blanket or two, baby clothes, and crazy one-off projects.  Where I steer far way from is making something that is in pairs.  I have the hardest time making identical anything. 

With step 1, narrow down your project time and add this to your search in google.  For example, I would put in “free crochet hat patterns“.

Step 2: Decide on your crochet level

This is sooo very important when you are first starting out as we need projects we can feel successful with and build on. 

BeginnerProjects are perfect for first-time crocheters using basic stitches.  These will have minimal shaping.
EasyProjects using basic stitches, repetitive stitch patterns, simple color changes, and simple shaping and finishing.
IntermediateProjects with a variety of stitches and techniques using basic color patterns, mid-level shaping, and finishing.
ExperiencedProject using advanced techniques and stitches that include intricate stitch patterns, techniques and dimensions including non-repeating patterns, multi-color techniques, fine threads, and small hooks.
crochet levels

Easy or Beginner projects will include common stitches like a slip knot, chain stitches, slip stitches, and single, double, or triple crochet.   Some may have simple increases and decreases in stitches. 

Intermediate projects will include a more complex stitch (crocodile, puff, or popcorn stitch) or a combination of stitches.  It could also include changes in colors and shaping to the project. 

Advanced projects will be the most challenging (and sometimes frustrating).  These can include projects with the tiniest of hooks/yarn or even making a doll of sorts. 

These symbols are commonly seen in patterns:

crochet level symbols

So know our search looks like this “free easy crochet hat patterns

This is a good spot to stop narrowing down your search but can go one step further. 

Step 3: Projects to a specific yarn

For me, I am a yarn snob.  I am totally in LOVE with the bulky yarn and it is what I have been gravitating towards for most of my projects here recently.  If this is you too….you can add this to your search.

yarn label

Go find your favorite yarn and look at the label.  Look for the number (and description right above it). 

Now we have a search as “free easy crochet hat patterns with super bulky yarn”

Now we are talking!!!

Best way to organize crochet patterns

For pattern organization, we are going to talk about 2 methods.  I use both routinely. 

The first one is one you might already use…Pinterest! And the other is Raverly.

Oh girl…these are the very BEST places to find, save, and organize your patterns 

Let’s start with Pinterest

How to find patterns on Pinterest

Pinterest is just like google. Type in what you want to search for and BAM….patterns.  And just like Google, the more you narrow down your search, the more likely you are to find the perfect project. 

Ok…I found the perfect pin!  Now what do I do? Let’s create a board and save the pin.

How to create a Pinterest board and save a pin?

Step 1: find your favorite pin

Step 2: Create a board (think of them like folders)

pinterest creating a board

You can make a gazillion boards and I would highly recommend you being really narrow on the board name.  For example, you could put “crochet pattern” but after you save 408 patterns, it can be hard to find what you saved. 

Instead, think about creating a board that really narrows down the category. Examples of drilling down:

  • Crochet hat patterns
  • Easy crochet hat patterns
  • Easy crochet hat pattern with super bulky yarn

Just think how easy it would be to go back to your boards and go straight to a folder that has EXACTLY what you saved. 

What is Ravelry?

While Pinterest was created for a little of everything, Ravelry is just for us crafters.  This is a place for designers to upload their patterns and is the perfect place for us crocheters to find the next project.

Step 1: head over to and create a new account

ravelry set up

Step 2: On the left hand side, there will be multiple options to drill down. 

My quick picks are:

  • Craft: Crocheting
  • Availability: Free
  • Weight: Super Bullky (this is the yarn)

There are several other areas that you can drill down.

When you find a pattern you love, you have a few options to save it. 

  • Save to favorites.  This is the broadest of categories and is like saving a record of it.
  • Add to Queue.  This is a way to set up a ranked list of items you want to make.
  • Add to Library.  The is like long term storage.  Any pattern you purchase through Ravelry will automatically be stored here.  You can also add free patterns to this section.   
ravelry save options

Wrapping this one up!

Now it’s your turn and I want to know what your next project is.  Go find it and tell us below in the comments.

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Even better, head our to our free community and share your find.  Let’s start the ideas flowing for projects.  Remember…sharing is caring.

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how to find free crochet patterns

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