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How to Attach a Faux Fur Pom Pom

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You have made the hat and pom pom but….how in the world do you attach the two pieces together? 

faux fur pom pom

I have been using furry/fuzzy toppers for a bit and have tried several different methods.  So many times I was frustrated with a topper that was flopping around or hanging on by a thread (like literally). 

Was I doing something wrong?  Did I buy the wrong kind of supplies? 

After many trials and errors, I believe I have found us the mecca of topper installations that leaves the “wobble of the bobble” behind. I am in LOVE with these furry toppers!   You can totally get any size and I think I am starting to have a pom poms larger than the hat (giggle). 

Finally, a one-stop shop on how to a faux fur pom pom to any hat.  Stop the “wobble in the bobble” and get a secure fit with the tie or button method.  Grab your topper, yarn, needle, and button and get ready to start attaching.

If you are purchasing your pom poms, they usually come in two formats. 

attaching a pom pom

If you are making your pom poms, you get to pick what works best for you.  Check out our recent blog post with steps on how to make your own.  This tutorial includes information on how to make a pom poms with strings or with an elastic ponytail holder. Find it HERE

The Tie Method with Strings

faux fur pom pom with strings

This is the quickest method with limited supplies but…the wobble may still be firmly in place depending on the size of the pom pom.  If you have a large pom, I would recommend moving down the list to an alternative method.  For a small one…this is perfect and quick. 

Using a needle, thread one side of the string and thread down the center of the hat.  Unthread the needle and repeat for the other string.

Turn the hat inside out and tie the 2 strings together tightly. 

TIP: Give a bit of space between the two strings coming down into the hat.  If you use the same area/hole, there is less of a foundation for the pom pom and the wobble will increase. 

The Tie Method with an Elastic Band

This is my favorite way of tying a small pom to a hat permanently.  This adds another layer of stabilization from the string method but follows a similar method of attaching.

Check out Knit with Henni’s picture that explains this perfectly!

Knit with Henni

Many of the poms that are available on Amazon have a small elastic band that peaks out of the pom pom.  I take a piece of the same yarn that was used in the project to create strings. 

Follow the steps above to attach the pom to the hat with strings.

TIP: Double loop the yarn through the elastic band for extra support.

The Snap Button Metod

faux fur pom with snap

Many poms are available on Amazon that come with a snap.  This is hands down one of the very best ways to get the pom on the hat but it can be the most tedious of all the methods. 

It also makes the pom removeable which is great if you need to wash the hat.  Furry poms don’t really like the washer.

Grab your sewing needle and embroidery thread to attach the snap piece to the top of the hat.  Watch your fingers!

TIP: Try out the snap before sewing.  I cannot tell you how many times I have sewn it upside down.

The next two methods are best used when you have a LARGE pom pom or if you need a method to remove the pom on the regular. Go gather a few buttons, needle, and yarn. 

The Button Method with Strings

If you are making your own poms, this is a good method to go straight to.  Using a large button to attach the pom pom will completely remove the “wobble in the bobble”.  It provides a good foundation for the pom to sit on top of the hat.

The best part about using button methods is the ease in detaching the pom.  Most poms do not like anything water related and being able to detach to wash…well this is a fabulous thing.

Using a yarn needle and a piece of yarn from your project, pull both pieces of the string down the center of the hat.  I do like to have a little space between the threads coming down the hat. 

Turn the hat inside out and grab your large button.  Using your needle, thread the ends of your strings through the button holes.  Last step is tying the strings in a bow. 

Knit with Henni has a fantastic idea of using a threader.  Check her pictures below

Have a pom with an elastic band? Just need to add strings and then can use this button method.

Wrapping this one up!

Check out the last hat tutorial that included the Tie Method with the elastic band

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