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A Helpful Guide to Crochet Supplies for the Beginner

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Want to start a new hobby, DIY project, or just want something to do with your hands? Crocheting is the answer!  Not only do you walk away with something amazing there is a level of therapy of tuning the world out and making knots (therapy in knots…see what I did there…he he). 

The best news about crocheting is that this is one of the CHEAPEST of all hobbies that you can start. 

Fair warning though…there could very quickly be an obsession created with fabulous yarn.  Like slight hoarding situations.  I have so many bags lying around the house filled with yarn, yarn scraps, and other misc crocheting parts that the family doesn’t even notice it (or at least that is what I tell myself).

Ok…Crocheting it is.  How do I start? 

Let’s discuss the basic supplies needed.

For a beginner crocheter, the required supplies needed for a basic project include 4 items: Yarn, Crochet hook, Scissors, and a large tapestry needle.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is crocheting? 

The official description is “a needlework technique performed using a crochet hook plus fiber”.  Putting that into words that we actually say…this is a hobby that anyone can do with yarn and a $2 crochet hook from Walmart. 

In crocheting, you can pretty much do any type of project. 

You dream it…you can make it. 

Although this man’s onesie is quite impressive, there are so many other projects that can be created with crocheting. 

My favorite projects are the super quick ones and I tend to stick with hats, headbands, cowls, and scarfs but there are so many project options from blankets to baby items with everything in between.

What is the difference between knitting and crocheting?

Both knitting and crocheting are using a method to “stitch” yarn together.  It’s just the manner in which this happens that separates the two.  There is a lot of confusion and many think it’s the same thing.   At a super quick glance, you can tell the difference by the type of tool that is being used. 

In crochet, it is common practice to use one crochet hook and the stitches are more like a series of knots.  A crochet hook is used to hook loops together directly on a piece to form it.

Personally, I think crocheting is MUCH easier to learn as a beginner than knitting.

Knitting uses two long needles to form the stitches.  There are many options for the type of needles that can be used (i.e. straight, circular, double-pointed) and the needle size (or diameter) determines the type of stitch that is created.   

What supplies are must-haves?

While you can totally get fancy with crochet supplies, you only need 4 items to get you started. 


The very best part about crocheting is the yarn.  There are soooo many options that you can becoming a slight hoarder very easily (but this is for another post). 

Yarn has it’s own label (like a nutritional food label) that will help with picking the right yarn for your next project.  All yarn labels generally show the same information.

Check out this link to LionBrand on how to read a yarn label. 

TIP: Although the fuzzy yarns are super fun, I highly recommend going with a yarn that doesn’t have a lot of excess fuzz/strings for a beginner project.  It will make seeing the stitches (or the next place for your hook to go) so much easier.

My favorite yarn right now is from Bernat.  Check out a sample here.

Beginner Tip: When deciding on a pattern, look over the supply list.  Many pattern creators will include information about their recommended yarn to use.  This makes the project much easy as a beginner as you can get exactly what they are using to complete the project.

Crochet Hooks

With crochet, you just need one hook.  But…you may quickly find that you collect an assortment of different sizes depending on the projects you want to do.  Hooks come in many different shapes and sizes, and knowing what is best for a beginner can be overwhelming. 

Hook sizes can be shown in mm or with a letter/number combo. 

For example, a 4mm hook is the exact same thing as a G6. 

If you are using a pattern, there will be specific instructions on which hook to use.  Many of the yarn labels also include information for a recommended hook.

While you can get really fancy with hooks, I highly recommend getting a cheap set that are either plastic or metal. 

TIP: I find that the metal ones are slightly easier with the yarn being able to slide but either one will work for a beginner.

Check this link for a cheap Crochet Hook Set option on Amazon.


You know those 16 pairs of kid safety scissors you have in your junk drawer?  Yep…those.  Go grab a pair.  Absolutely nothing fancy is needed here. 

Tapestry Needle

After you complete your crochet project, you will have fly-away with yarn poking out.  A tapestry needle is the perfect tool to use to finish up that project. 

This is a plastic large eyed needle that isn’t sharp and will not poke you.  If you are at the craft store, get the cheapest one you can find as this does not need to be fancy in any manner.

Quick look at what I have can be found here on Amazon.

Best place to get Supplies

Supplies for Crochet projects are surprisingly available almost everywhere…even the dollar store. 

Here are a few places that I have found a great selection of items on a budget:

  • Walmart
  • Dollar Tree
  • Meijers (this is my favorite spot for yarn)
  • Amazon
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Joann’s

Insider tip: Check out online market places and local yard sales.  You would be simply amazed at the amount of unused yarn that people will give away for free.

Got all the gadgets, now what?

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This blog will also include free patterns for super quick beginner projects.  Talking less than 1-day projects and many are under an hour.  I have the attention span of a gnat and cannot sit and make a blanket over a months’ time.  I need quick, instant gratification of a project and this is EXACTLY what you will get here.

Once you have your supplies, the best way to start is to learn the basic stitches, find a crochet pattern, and get started. 

There are a gazillion free patterns on the internet or you can purchase one that you find and LOVE.  For me, I want to find something that is easy to follow, directions are clear, and I know exactly what I am getting into. 

Is this the right hobby for me?  Can I do this?

If you have never crocheted before and see yarn as something cat ladies talk about, you may be wondering if it’s worth learning this.  Does it take a special talent to learn?

No!  There is zero skill or talent required to learn AND you already have the right skillset to get getting.

Anyone can crochet.  ANYONE.  Kiddos, moms, grandmas…heck even the hubbie can learn.

Supplies needed in one spot

SupplyAmazon Link
YarnBerat Soft & Chunky
Crochet HookHook Set
ScissorsKids Scissors
Tapestry NeedlePlastic “no stick” needle

Wrapping it up

This blog is all about starting as a beginner.  Any new hobby, project, or craft can be a giant pain in the booty in the beginning but this is a craft that is highly rewarding.

Plus…you can totally sell your items (talking side hustle)!

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Beginner Crochet: Get the Supplies

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