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Favorite FREE Christmas Crochet Patterns

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Can you believe that it is almost Christmas?  Good gracious, where has this year gone? 

This is the perfect time to take those crochet skills you have been learning and create some Christmas magic.  The perfect projects to keep for yourself or even make for some customized “one of a kind” gifts. 

Totally decking the halls with this super adorable and easy crochet projects.

Check out my top 5 favorite FREE crochet patterns that are perfect for this year’s Christmas season.  These are perfect to decorate your house or make “one of a kind” gifts for your friends and family.

favorite free christmas crochet patterns

Let’s dive right in with my FAVORITE Christmas Crochet patterns that are also FREE!

I know….you just fell out of your seat. Jaime is looking at Christmas ANYTHING???!!!???

Ha! Yep. You people are rubbing off on me.

This is the perfect time to take our crochet skills and put them to the test. PLUS…we are totally creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces that can be used in our own homes or re-gifted.

These could even turn into a side hustle and could make a few dollars to help with the holiday.

#1 The Itty Bitty Christmas Kitty

Itty Bitty Kitty – Thoresby Cottage

This has to be the cutest thing I have seen…like ever!  Super cute project that can be given to the perfect girl (or lady) that will be a highlight of the season.

This crochet pattern was designed by Thoresby Cottage and can be found HERE.

You will need a 2.75mm hook and a small amount of DK cotton yarn (any lightweight yarn will work).

#2 The Christmas Gnome

The Christmas Gnome – ildikko

Can’t officially be Christmas without a Gnome!

This is the perfect project to use our yarn scraps with and could this be any cuter?

This crochet pattern was designed by Ildikko and can be found HERE.

You will need a 3.0mm hook, DK cotton (or lightweight) yarn, and a small amount of merino wool for the beard.

Tip: Merino wool can be pricy. One cheap option is to take regular yarn and gently brush it out.

# 3 Tabletop Christmas Tree

tabletop christmas trees – lily

Perfect project for the beginner crocheter.

These are the exact Christmas trees that I like best. No fuss…super easy to decorate, and put away. Like seriously…just plop this right on your fireplace mantel and it’s the perfect decoration.

This crochet pattern was designed by Lily and can be found HERE.

You will need a G/6 (4mm) hook, medium weight/worst weight yarn, buttons, stuffing, and a small piece of felt and cardboard for the base.

# 4 The Christmas Stocking

christmas stocking – sincerely pam

Ok…even the grinch here can appreciate a good Christmas stocking.

This crochet pattern was designed by Sincerely Pam and can be found HERE.

You will need a J (6.0mm) hook and worst weighted yarn.

# 5 Christmas Pillow

Modern Crochet Christmas Tree Pillow – Ned & Mimi

Now this….this is right down my alley. And I am pretty sure you could get away with using this all year round.

Such a classic piece!

This pattern was created by Ned & Mimi and can be found HERE.

You will need a G/6 (4mm) hook and any DK lightweight yarn.

Where can I find the supplies?

Supplies for these patterns can be found at any craft store, Walmart, Meijers, and even the Dollar Store.

Here are a few Amazon links if you like to have it shipped directly to your home.

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Wrapping this one up!

There are so many options available in the world of crocheting. Have one you LOVE? Share it below.

Or even better…head over to our Facebook community and share with the group.

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