crochet cat couch
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The Crochet Cat Couch

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Oh my goodness…I just can’t!  Like overnight, my Pinterest feed has been overtaken by cat crocheted couches to the point that I just might have to make one. I figure I cannot be the only one on the hunt for the perfect pattern and how-to tutorial. 

Sharing my finds with my Therapy in Knots family.

The Crochet Cat Couch is back by popular demand and project pictures are popping up everywhere.  Check out this BLOG post for available patterns to get one made for your special kitty cat.

crochet cat couch

Am I the only one with a fat spoiled cat?  There is a good chance that I make this couch for her and she never even puts her eyeballs on it.  Because she is a cat and why would she do anything that sounds like a good plan (please tell me I am not the only one).

But….she is a strong part of our family and completely deserves to be spoiled.

What is a crochet cat couch?

crochet cat couch

I think COVD and being quarantined has made us a little stir crazy.  I have not other explanation for why this particular pattern has made a comeback but I will say it is cute and I just may have to make one.

The cat couch…it’s exactly what you think.  Talking a smaller version couch that is crocheted and uses filler to make the cushions.

My first stop lead me straight to Reddit with lots of crocheters posting their work (which is ah…maz…ing).  No patterns just yet but did find several really cute pictures.

Where can I find a pattern?

It turns out that this craze has been around since 2009 and Annie’s Craft Store may have the original pattern. 

They have a set of 3 crochet patterns for the perfect kitty couch available for purchase.

crochet cat couch
  • The Green Sofa uses worsted yarn, measures 12” tall x 12” deep x 18.5” wide, and can be purchased for $1.99.  Click HERE for the pattern.
  • The Blue sofa also uses worsted yarn, measures 11’ tall x 14” deep x 21” wide, and can be purchased for $1.99.  Click HERE for the pattern.
  • The Pink version is more of a circle bed vs. couch.  It also uses worsted yarn, measures 10” tall x 16” across, and is available for $1.99.  Click HERE for the pattern.

Want a video tutorial for this paid pattern? Check out Crafters Autonomous.

Is there a FREE pattern option?

I did find us a FREE pattern (yeah!!!) and it is coming from one of my favorite sources of all things crochet.

Check out Yarnspirations!

crochet cat couch

Download your FREE pattern straight from Yarspiration HERE.

And then check out their tutorial that gives us the perfect step by step on how to make it.

Oh….and check out this side hustle

I found someone selling a made cat crochet couch for $269.99 on Etsy.

Ladies…let’s gather our crochet hooks, yarn, and get going!

Wrapping this one up!

Thinking of making one?  This project is stuffed with any cushioning material that you choice and covered with crocheted yarn.  Depending on your crochet level, plan for this project to take a few weeks to a few months to get the whole thing complete.  This is a fun project with several parts so no changes of getting bored with the same piece.

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crochet cat couch

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