Hello there friend…
I wanted to take a very quick moment to introduce myself and why Therapy in Knots was created.
If we have not yet met, my name is Jaime (crazy spelling but sounds just like the normal Jamie version) and I am a wife and mama of 2 crazy busy teenagers.
I work in a hospital system and oversee the cardiovascular program that performs diagnostic testing for your heart, veins, and arteries.
I am also in LOVE with all things fitness, finding workouts that don’t suck, drinking some wine/eating tacos, and finding ways to shift the mindset from thinking we need to be thin to being healthy.  If this also interests you, come join the Badass Mama Gang HERE
One of my favorite sayings is “tying knots to untie my knots.
Sounds crazy but this craft has provided me with mental therapy on even the craziest of days.  I am super blessed and excited to share what I have learned over my crochet journey with you. 

Talking the very beginning stages of learning how to crochet and questioning WHY IN THE WORLD anyone would want this frustrating hook and yarn.

But…once you get the knot down…you are going to sail through projects that can be customized for you and your family.

And when you are ready, you can totally make a side hustle of this hobby.

Therapy in Knots is the GO-TO place for beginner crochet projects, quick & easy projects, projects under an hour, and something you can do without having to super pay attention to the counting.

This is a time to turn off the brain, finding a relaxing method, and winding down from the day.

Join me on this journey of learning a new craft with SUPER fast projects that include hats, headbands, and scarves.